Clay and I took a couple’s personality analysis during our premarital counseling. At the risk of sounding boastful, we already knew first hand how compatible we were, so I thought the whole test was a little redundant at the time. When we got the results back we were both amused by just how eye-to-eye we really were. We flipped through the print out of our results to discover that our scores in each category were nearly identical.

While minimizing our things we came across that same print out. As we re-read the results, we couldn’t help but re-live the same amusement we had nearly four years ago. While some traits have changed since then, most of the descriptions of our personalities are remarkably accurate even four years later. The commentary on how Clay and I accept change is so on point. In a few sentences this description concisely sums up the past few years of our marriage…I almost considered framing it.

Both individuals scored high on Change. These individuals will tend to be flexible, unconventional, and very open to new experiences. They are open to change, and often have a broad range of interest. They thrive on developing new and creative solution to problems, even when a tried and true method might work just as well. When out of balance, they may appear to be too interested in new ideas and adventures. Others may wonder why they are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.

Each sentence is scary accurate, and I find myself quietly saying “yep” after each one. I especially laugh at the last part about reinventing the wheel, because if I were on the outside looking in, that would probably be my judgement about myself too.

One time my own dad jokingly mocked me by referring to us as “settlers” (when  direct tv commercial was popular). It took me off guard hearing it come from him and I laughed so hard because in a way he’s right.

I call it the back-to-basics way but I understand why people refer to our way of doing this as the hard way. Why make your own cleaning supplies when you can buy it? Well, partly because the main ingredient in a lot of cleaners is water so it’s kind of a waste of money. Secondly, hormone disruptors are real. Thirdly, I don’t even trust half of the ‘natural’ stuff, and it takes me 3 minutes to make our own. Call me a settler, but why not do it the hard way if it’s healthier, more affordable, and better for the planet?!

I don’t want to do something just because that’s the way everyone else is doing it. Critical thinking and educated decisions trump status quo for me. I will reinvent the ‘wheel’ if it doesn’t hold true to my core values. Thankfully, I found someone as flexible and anti-complacent as I am. Some days I still have to pinch myself to make sure my husband is real, and then thank God that he is.



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