When I told my husband I was doing this, to my surprise he said that if I waited a few more weeks he would join after his friend’s bachelor party. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an unexpected ally, so I waited until we could start together. It wasn’t until I began asking him for input for these posts that I realized I was wrong in assuming that we shared the same reasons for wanting to do the Whole30. I just figured he wanted to experience all the health benefits too, and while that’s half true I realized his main reason for agreeing to this is, me!

“It’ll be hard, but of course I’ll do the Whole30 with you. We’re on the same team!”

Our friends mock him and call it a sacrifice of his “man card” but it doesn’t seem to bother him. I’m grateful for his unwavering support. (He’s more strict about the Whole30 program rules than I am!)

I’m not trying to boast. I’m just proud of him. Almost everyone I talk to says (to some extent) “my boyfriend/husband would never give up pizza and beer during football season, let alone dairy/sugar/life as he knows it for 30 days straight.”

Again I’m not trying to gloat. (Lots of boyfriends and husbands of the world have done Whole30!) …it’s just that I can’t believe I’m NOT saying “my husband would never” this time. So, the next time you see him, give him a high five or a carrot and remind him that it’ll be over soon. His man-card won’t be lost forever. Beer will still be around 30 days from now, and when day 30 (Oct. 11) comes around, he’s definitely earned it!

Cheers, Clay!

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