Katie has been asking that I share thoughts on this blog for quite some time. I have meant to, but always get distracted by other projects. So here is my surprise post, something that she has no knowledge of and hopefully won’t figure out before our 4th anniversary!

This past year has been monumental for us as a family. It has been a year of incredible growth, as we have discovered what is important to us in life and where our priorities are! We have adopted a minimalist outlook, learning that living with less can free us. It helps us focus on what is most important, our relationship with Christ, and that our wealth is not really ours at all, it is all His. It’s amazing how much easier it is to make decisions to give freely when you approach things this way.

We have also undertook a radical change in our relationship with our health. By doing Whole30 we were able to take our health into our own hands, and make sure that we are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I haven’t been in this good of physical shape since right after college, and all it took was really evaluating my dietary habits over the course of a month. There were some hard weeks, but towards the end I had boundless energy! I would encourage everyone to try it at some point. (Though probably after the holiday’s because let’s be honest who doesn’t want to eat some holiday cookies, pumpkin pie, spiked egg nog etc!)


I am so blessed to have such an amazing partner in my life. In our vows, I related your love to a cup of coffee, warm but also something that sharpens my focus. I am so glad to have someone who challenges me on such a consistent basis; you truly help me to grow as a Christian and as a person. I feel that we are truly a team and that we have never been on the same page more than now! I can’t wait to spend even more time laughing with you, talking with you, and growing with you. You are not only my wife but also my best friend, and I love you more than ever! I hope that you can feel that everyday.

I already know that you probably have something great planned for our anniversary, because you have always been the most thoughtful person I have ever known. Hopefully this post catches you off-guard though (as long as you don’t log into my Google Docs) as something thoughtful I can do! (see you have rubbed off on me!)  You are getting home soon, I better quick post this before you see! I hope I can figure out WordPress…

I love you so much!