Whoop! I’m back! I took a longer break than I planned on and didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted to, but all that space allowed me to reevaluate the blog and how I want to forge ahead. 

I was planning to take more pictures of my cupboards and closets. I was going to show you how we minimized our kitchen and bathroom and everything in between. But you know what? I don’t think I’m going to. I’ve already laid out the the basic principles of minimizing and they are the same for every aspect of your home whether it’s office supplies or shoes or kitchen gadgets.

Do you need it and use it and cherish it and love it? Yes? …Really? Does it add value to your life? Go ahead and keep it! Display it. Actually use it. Look at it. Enjoy it. Store it well. And if you don’t…then what the heck is it doing in your house? Get rid of it!

That’s it. It might be hard but it shouldn’t be torture. Don’t get all stressed out and fussy about it. Remember, these things you are hoarding and clinging to are just possessions. Even that handwritten note from your grandma. Even your wedding dress. Decide what you want to keep and be open to shedding the rest. If you find that you are keeping something ‘just in case’… don’t. Do you use potable water to chase food scraps down your drain? Yes? Then congrats, you are RICH! As such, you can afford to say ‘so long’ to that un-used blender. If you need it for a recipe in 6 months then you can get one. Probably without even have to spend any money because your neighbors and friends also chase food scraps with water & I bet they’ll let you borrow theirs. Ask around, or check on Facebook Marketplace.  It’s just a blender. 

After you start re-evaluating your surplus of spatulas, you might love the space it creates. Then you might start craving that space in other areas like your bank account, or how you spend your time each day, or which friendships are healthy and which aren’t.

With that said, I’m dropping the mini series on Minimalism/mindfulness/etc…sort of. Instead of thinking of it as a ‘mini’ series, I want the whole blog to encompass those themes. I’m going to focus less on the ‘possessions’ part of it and write more about the wisdom behind it. The magical macro bits. All the ways this minimalist mindset has integrated in less tangible areas of our lives. Like how minimalism allowed us to move across the country and live the dream in the Pacific Northwest. Or how minimalism helped us become (almost) debt free.  (We’re so close!) 

What I really love is taking a nugget of wisdom that I’ve been chewing on and discussing the struggle and joy of it all in a real life way. That’s what I’m good at. That’s what I want to write about.

So…dearest gawkers, this is where we part. I don’t plan on taking pictures of my closet and talking about my t-shirts as much as I have before. I’m sorry that you won’t get to see how sparse our kitchen cupboards are right now. But thanks for coming along for the ride. If you need to get your gawking fix just google ‘extreme minimalists’ or something. 

Everyone else who’s here for the intellectual flex…stay put!

We’re just getting started.