Every week I toss my thoughts out into the ether and wonder if they actually land anywhere. Not that they need to. I’m not writing to help or inspire or motivate anyone beyond myself. I think of the blog, and my long winded instagram captions like an eccentric millennial journal. Still, one does wonder if anything ever resonates with anyone. Is anyone even listening? Does anyone even care? And if so, who…and (no offense to myself but,) why?! :)

“Likes”, of course, are an easy way to know who enjoys reading. I get about 12 likes on my blog posts, which is muy excellente! (thanks, friends!). The reason I bring it up is because it doesn’t line up with the larger number of views/visitors that show up on my website statistics. It’s a mystery! 

I was starting to wonder if maybe you all were bots, then last week the Internet-verse gave me solid evidence that proved otherwise. 

So HIGH FIVE’S & THANK YOU’S for engaging last week. For the hearts and thumbs ups, and all of ya’ll that signed up to subscribed to the ole’ blog. Thank you for taking the time to message me and share your own stories with me. People who are moving. People who bought Patagonia Baggies based on our closet tour. People who just wanted to say hello.

I did a celebratory happy dance after receiving each one. 

Anyways. All I’m saying is…thanks, thanks, thanks.

I’m so glad you’re here and human.

My happy dances inspired me to create a 2 minute challenge, if you’re up for it:

ONE/ Pick a friend, a blogger or an instagram person you love to follow
TWO/ Write them a quick 3 sentence blurb. Tell them how cool you think they are. How important their work is. That what they are doing matters. Laugh at their jokes. Whatever. Write it in a comment or a message and send it off.

THREE/ Repeat often.

[Btw, I’m not fishing for compliments here. …It would be SO silly if you picked me as your person for this exercise. Because encouragement doesn’t work like that. It’s not special if it’s prompted, right? Besides, my bucket’s already full from last weeks messages. :) Thanks again!]

I’ve started to make this a habit. Not just ‘liking’ but leaving comments when something resonates, sending messages and emojis in response to an Insta-story ….You know, engaging and using social media for its purpose instead of just lurking around like a weirdo. Especially on youtube when I watch a video and the person always says ‘hit thumbs up & subscribe’ to this or that. The video might change my life but I never actually ‘like or subscribe’. Not for any real reason…I just…don’t. 

Why do I lurk like that? Am I the only one who does this?

Clay ;), brought up a good point this morning too. He said,
“Yeah, why do we all do that? We don’t engage on social media. [pauses to think] Maybe that’s why people don’t engage in real life either.” ….Yeah, existential thoughts at 8am on a Wednesday. #wearethebrinks and this is what we do. haha!

Anyways, I’m vowing stop. It doesn’t matter if the person is writing or posting ‘for themselves’ or not. We all need validation and encouragement from time to time. And 2 second comments and hand clap-fire-100! emojis are simple ways to add gratitude, connection, and goodness into the world. It’s literally the least I can do. 

So here’s my person: Fran Menses (@frannerd). I’ve been luh-ving her social media accounts for about 2 months now. Her illustrations are so fun. Her quirky attitude reminds me of my own. And watching her work somehow stimulates my own productivity and creativity. Anyways, I love her You Tube channel. So I actually subscribed AND I’m going to write her a lil’ comment to just say “Hey, i’m loving this. Thanks! (P.s. please be my best friend.)” haha.

I know all of this is kind of dorky. But I think giving back in smallish ways is important and meaningful. Besides, you never know. One unremarkable question/comment could have a ripple effect on someone’s life. (More Marrow Chapter 3 is coming soon!)