Hi there! I am an artist-writer currently living Seattle.

Here are the bullet points:

* I majored in Graphic Design, got an internship, then accidentally deleted my entire portfolio. (For the love of the iCloud (which didn’t exist at the time), please back up all your digital things. Do it now!)

* I haven’t worked in the industry in years but I want back in. I’m devouring art supplies and writing more than ever. The whole process makes me feel like the new, much older kid on the block, but I’m excited for you to get to know me and my work (again).

In the past I’ve used this website to write about a number of things, but most recently to highlight my love for Seattle.

Head over to my ‘now’ page for a run down of what I’m into and up to currently.


It’s true, the only credentials I have as a writer come from 5th grade when my sci-fi novel, ‘Underwater Aliens’, was voted runner up. This only makes my wannabe writer syndrome even more confusing; that I’m willing to put up with the self inflicted torture. Writing is hard. It doesn’t make much sense that we’d agree to convey our complex thoughts and emotions with grammar. And yet, I’m here for it. I love-hate it. Sign me up, I volunteer as tribute.