Hi there! I am an artist-writer currently living Seattle. But here’s the catch:

I majored in Graphic Design, got an internship, then accidentally deleted my entire portfolio. After that I was trapped in a self-made catch 22. No one wanted to hire a designer who didn’t have proof that she was a designer. And yet, I didn’t have the time or energy to rebuild the body of work they were looking for.

[Fast forward to present day.]

Something has shifted. I want back in. I have time, energy, and drive on my side now; devouring art supplies and writing more than ever. The whole process makes me feel like the new, much older kid on the block, but I’m excited for you to get to know me and my work (again).

In the meantime this website has always been a great place for me to throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what sticks. In the past I’ve written about fun things like grief: like our month long sabbatical in Portugal, and why we moved to the PNW. I’ve also written about our life as minimalists (which is a bit outdated now, though). More recently I’ve used this space to highlight my love for Seattle.

Head over to my ‘now’ page for a run down of what I’m into and up to currently.


I was on track until I wasn’t. I graduated in May, 2010. I landed a fantastic internship in July. Then, sometime in August, after a series of misfortunate events, I inadvertently erased my entire hard drive and backups. Meaning, the portfolio I had labored over for years was gone in a 3 second swoosh-click of my mouse. My stomach drops just thinking about it.

After a dramatic piggy bank moment, I managed to scrounge together enough to pay for expensive recovery software. The good news: I was able to recover months of design work I had done for the internship. The gut wrenching news: I couldn’t resuscitate my portfolio, or at least, not the important parts. All the work that proved I was a designer: R.I.P. (For the love of the iCloud (which didn’t exist at the time), please back up all your digital things. Do it now!)

Then life happened: I got married, we bought our first house, yada yada yada. I did some freelance work here and there, but didn’t dedicate much time or energy into rebuilding a portfolio or pursuing a career in my field. (Until now.)

It’s true, the only credentials I have as a writer come from 5th grade when my sci-fi novel, ‘Underwater Aliens’, was voted runner up. This only makes my wannabe writer syndrome even more confusing; that I’m willing to put up with the self inflicted torture. Writing is hard. It doesn’t make much sense that we’d agree to convey our complex thoughts and emotions with grammar. And yet, I’m here for it. I love-hate it. Sign me up, I volunteer as tribute.