NOV 2022

FEB 2022:

For the month of February I’m focusing on quantity > quality and cultivating habits. I’d like to make drawing and writing a daily thing. One way I am keeping myself accountable is to draw at least one thing in my sketch journal every day. Here’s what I drew last week:


Just finished The Captain and the Glory, and The Circle; both written by Dave Eggers. Reading them inspired me to gradually work my way through Eggers entire body of work. (On deck I have ‘what the what’, as recommended by Rob Bell on his podcast.)

Currently reading; Fiction:
There There by Tommy Orange (& LOVING IT so far)
Macbeth by Shakespeare; doing my best at least.

Currently reading; Non-Fiction:
Emergent Strategies by Adrienne Maree Brown
Seattleness, a cultural atlas
Historic Photos of Seattle


PIG!!! It’s a film starring Nick Cage, and it’s really really good.

Currently watching:
The woman in the house from the girl across the street. Clay and I are binging our way through this goofy hallmark-eque “thriller.”


We’ve been skiing a lot! Like many Seattle skiers we were frustrated with Steven’s Pass so we made the switch to Crystal this year. I miss Sultan Bakery on Highway 2 but other than that I’m happy with our choice.


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Classic upbeat songs to keep you company while you peel the mashed potatoes, and serve the pre-dinner cocktails. Themes: Food, family, gratitude, traveling, etc. Shuffle play (or not–if you don’t want Adam Sandler popping up randomly).Lowkey midkey mix of modern and classic songs to play while doing the dishes, and unwinding with another glass of pinot. Sounds like: ramshackle, comfort, cozy fire-side chats. Loose themes: food coma, autumn, family, love, etc.

I also made about 4 other Fall-ish playlists. You can find it all on my Spotify Profile. Enjoy!

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I’m really loving listening to artists’ playlists on Spotify. Thom Yorke, Phoebe Bridgers, and Goth Babe all have great ones.

See link up at the top for the Fall playlists :)



NON FICTION: The Wim Hof Method (Wim Hof), Tribe of Mentors (Tim Ferriss), Tiny Habits (BJ FOGG)

FICTION: State of Wonder (Ann Patchett)


I am starting Julia Cameron’s cult classic course, The Artist’s Way, again. I have done morning pages for several years now, and have developed a solid love-hate relationship with them. However I have yet to complete the official 12 week course. I have a knack for starting strong and abandoning it after a month or so. Fingers crossed that this time is different. I’m currently on week 1, again, for the umpteenth time; wish me luck!


PODCAST: The Tim Ferriss Show with Anne Lamott on Taming Your Inner Critic, Finding Grace, and Prayer.

Listened to this on a road trip with Clay. It led to a lot of great conversations. I want to listen to it again and and take notes.


Trying to let go of the ‘perfect and pretty’ expectation and favoring exploration and mistakes instead. Loving blind contour drawing lately and the way it forces to you really ‘look’ at an object. Want to get better at drawing faster and drawing people without guides.

Drew in my sketchbook while paddle boarding one day. :)


Life is long.

“A notebook is a good place to have bad ideas” – Austin Kleon

“Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.” – Eugene DeLacroix


Without getting too into it, the past 6 months have been brutal. I’m happy to report that I’m on the up and up, though. Finally feeling steady, motivated, and more like myself.

Here’s the nutshell version of what’s helped pull me up:


This is a pretty accurate representation of my goals right now. First, the desire to get my career life back on track. And also to get my regular life back on track after the aforementioned 6 months of brutal Depression. I haven’t reserved much energy for non-fiction recently, but have slowly been working through ‘State of Wonder’ and ‘Exhalation’.


Still practicing faces, and oddly enough: shoes. The sketches aren’t perfect, but I am noticing improvement every week. (I listened to The Iceman Speaks by Wim Hof while sketching this, hence the notes.)