A quick run down of current fascinations, projects, life updates, etc. [Inspired by Derek Sivers]

For the month of February I’m focusing on quantity > quality and cultivating habits. I’d like to make drawing and writing a daily thing. One way I am keeping myself accountable is to draw at least one thing in my sketch journal every day. Here’s what I drew last week:


Just finished The Captain and the Glory, and The Circle; both written by Dave Eggers. Reading them inspired me to gradually work my way through Eggers entire body of work. (On deck I have ‘what the what’, as recommended by Rob Bell on his podcast.)

Currently reading; Fiction:
There There by Tommy Orange (& LOVING IT so far)
Macbeth by Shakespeare; doing my best at least.

Currently reading; Non-Fiction:
Emergent Strategies by Adrienne Maree Brown
Seattleness, a cultural atlas
Historic Photos of Seattle


PIG!!! It’s a film starring Nick Cage, and it’s really really good.

Currently watching:
The woman in the house from the girl across the street. Clay and I are binging our way through this goofy hallmark-eque “thriller.”


We’ve been skiing a lot! Like many Seattle skiers we were frustrated with Steven’s Pass so we made the switch to Crystal this year. I miss Sultan Bakery on Highway 2 but other than that I’m happy with our choice.


  • Mountains (skiing, backpacking, hiking)
  • Food, wine, cocktail culture
  • Curating personal playlists on Spotify
  • I’m a self-improvement fanatic
  • I will always try to build the longest road in Settlers of Catan
  • I’m an infp that’s sometimes an enfp.
  • An enneagram 4w5 who is also kind of a 7.


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