Why the sudden health kick?

“We tend to manipulate time: We think that we don’t have enough of it today, but somehow we’ll magically have more time tomorrow, that somehow—even though we don’t change anything that we’re doing—we’ll be able to exercise and eat healthier and get into better shape tomorrow.”

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Claytie’s compatability analysis

Clay and I took a couple’s personality analysis during our premarital counseling. At the risk of sounding boastful, we already knew first hand how compatible we were, so I thought the whole test was a little redundant at the time. When we got the results back we were both amused by just how eye-to-eye we…

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This week’s Orlando headlines have really been weighing on me. I went for a run and a few minutes in I was surprised to find myself on the verge of tears. It really came out of nowhere. I had to stop running, turn off my music, and take a few moments to let myself grieve.…

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