People ask us why we moved to Seattle and we always respond with “‘because we wanted a change of pace,” which is the boring, neutered, “I don’t want to take up too much of your time” version. But if I had just the right amount of caffeine and sass that day I might respond with “how much time do you have?”. It would make me so happy to hijack the conversation and spill all the juicy details to anyone with 4 or 72 hours to burn. Listening skills wouldn’t even be required because I would mostly be talking ‘at’ you. Give me the occasional ‘smile & nod’ routine and I’d be set.

I think that’s why writing is my jam, because in some ways that’s what writing is. Me talking at you, dishin’ out heart to heart vibes with a lil’ caffeine buzz.

So then, how much time do you have? Because our swift decision to uproot is far more complex than moving for work, family, or school. It’s not that linear or straightforward. (Is anything ever, though?) And it’s not just a story about two married thirty somethings moving for the heck of it.

Let me ask you this: have you ever found yourself asking ‘is this it?” …is that what I’ve been working so hard for? …is this the best it’s ever going to be? …is this all there is? I believe the answer to that depressing question will always be a resounding HELL. NO. …No, this isn’t it. No, this isn’t the best it’s ever going to be. There will always, always, always, more and I mean that in the most abstract way. I believe this because there are lots of biblical parables about it, but also I have endless personal testimonies that prove this theory to be true.

That’s what this is about.

So thanks for being here. Thanks for listening to me process all of this out loud; sharing it is cathartic. Besides, I think there’s a worthwhile story somewhere in here and I’d like to try to tell it.

I’ll be releasing each chapter slowly, one by one. So subscribe to blog if you don’t want to miss out! [to subscribe, find the ‘click to follow’ button on the menu to the right]

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